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For Influencers

Sootheez Slippers
How we work:
  • We  give you 30% OFF coupon so you purchase them here: https://sootheez.co/products/arch-support-slippers
  • We give you an other coupon code 10% OFF for your followers.
  • You record a video review for Sootheez slippers post it in your Facebook/Instagram page (with link and telling your followers where to get them) and send it to us at contact@sootheez.co
  • We refund you the money you purchased in your account after we get the video
  • We pay you 10% of every sale that comes from the coupon code we gave your for your customers
Does that make sense?
If  Yes, Please contact us at contact@sootheez.co
We also have other products that we can work with you in the future based on how your ad performs.
Thank you for your time