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  • 5 Ways to Take Care of Your Feet

    2 Minutes Reading There is nothing that we can do without using our feet, they are essential for life and this fact alone is enough for us to take...
  • Benefits of Comfortable House Slippers

    Wearing house slippers at home protects your feet by restricting or stopping the normal heat of your body from getting out through your feet.
  • Proven Therapeutic Slippers

    Have you ever been told that the right slippers can make a big difference in keeping your feet healthy? Well, if you are regularly seeing a podiatrist, you may have heard this before.
  • New design recovery sandals shoes 2021-2022

    Finding the perfect recovery sandal can be a daunting task in 2021, especially when looking for a sandal that is both stylish and comfy. Often times, you find one criteria is met while the other is lacking. It is often comfort that is sacrificed.
  • Sootheez Review - Why Sootheez are the Best & the most Comfy Slippers in 2021 - VIDEOS

    If you have ever been searching for a comfortable slipper that will change the way feel about all the other slippers you may own then look no further because Sootheez is what you're missing in your life!
  • Tips for Choosing Comfortable Slippers

    Summer is one of the most anticipated seasons of the year. If you enjoy the warm weather and are not fortunate enough to live in a sunny state, the...
  • Eva Slippers vs Rubber Slippers. Why you should only wear Eva material slippers? (2 min read)

    Our feet keep us moving daily. In fact, the average person walks about 100,000 miles in their lifetime and yet they are overlooked, ignored and often sacrificed every time we choose fashion over comfort.

  • 6 Benefits of Wearing Sootheez slippers - Updated 2021 (2 min read)

    Sootheez is made out of EVA Material that is thick, soft and accommodating which is key in helping to provide pain relief and help with shock absorption in every step you take.