Tips for Choosing Comfortable Slippers

Tips for Choosing Comfortable Slippers

Summer is one of the most anticipated seasons of the year. If you enjoy the warm weather and are not fortunate enough to live in a sunny state, then you might have waited months in order to spring your feet free and catch some rays.

Whether you are planning a summer vacation, enjoying a backyard BBQ, or you like to spend time on the beach, it is always a good idea to wear a comfortable pair of slippers. But how do you know you have picked the right pair?

How do you choose the most comfortable slippers     

How do you choose the most comfortable slippers ?  

Finding slippers for daily wear might seem like an easy task but there are a fair amount of factors to consider. This is supposed to be a practical choice of footwear to keep your feet comfortable and cool during the hotter days. However, comfort sits high on your list of priorities so that you can fully enjoy yourself without achy and painful feet.

Check out these tips when shopping for women/men slippers that you will want to stay in all day long.  


The type of material you choose is important not just for everyday slippers. EVA material is the best option due to its superior performance made possible by the extreme softness of the material while remaining sturdy and holding its shape. You can reduce the pressure on your feet when walking for optimum comfort all day long.  

EVA slippers are highly durable. Hence, they not only keep your feet comfortable but can withstand the wear and tear, especially when you are active on your feet for long periods of time. They are water proof, non-slip proven, safe for use in the shower, walking your pet, gardening, etc.  

Ergonomic Design  

The ergonomics of slippers for men and women alike must be taken into account if you want to keep your feet comfortable and pain free. An ergonomic design has a slightly upturned toe and a fitting angle that promotes balance of pressure.

It is also important that the slippers are soft yet sturdy so your feet are protected from the impact on the surface. This is especially important when you are on your feet daily for longer than 8hours.   

Women comfortable Slippers

Increase support for Arches

The arches of your feet support the weight of the body in the erect posture with least weight. We are born without any arches to our feet and 12-18months as we begin to walk, the weight of our body starts the development of arches which are formed by the proper alignment of the bones of the feet which then activate the small muscles of the feet providing support for the attachments of tendons and ligaments. As we age, these arches get weaker or as physicians call them “weak arches”. This can lead to painful feet and leg soreness that can affect your daily routine. Choosing a slipper with increased support of arches means you will be able to stand on your feet longer and pain free!    


The sole of your slipper might not be something you have taken into account before however, they play an important role. If the soles are too thin, it could add more pressure to your feet, especially when you are walking on rough surfaces. On the other hand, a thickened sole will give you the right amount of protection and cushion you need with every step.  

Ergonomic Design  Slippers

Right Size  

Seems obvious, but choosing the right size of slippers women and men wear is crucial to keeping your feet comfortable. Each manufacturer has different sizing guidelines so make sure to check your measurements correctly so you can get the perfect fit.  

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I have all color’s except for beige love them comfortable love colors there just very comfortable

Kathleen Lawrence

I purchased a Pair of Sootheez in Khaki! They are the Softest Sandals that I have Ever Worn! Loving that Spongy Feeling when walking in them! It just makes me want to Dance…❤️!

Gail M

I have varicose veins from kiddos and am on my feet ALL the time. These are amazing. Finally something for fat feet and high arches.


Loved my sleepers. Hand an ankle replacement and they saved my life. I’m a size 9 on regular shoes. However it’s hard for me to adapt to the right size on the tech. 2021 WITH STRIPES. Sizes are either too big for W-US 9-10 or too small for w-US 7.5-8.5. Have bought 6 pairs of the two models sootheez offers up to date. Finally I adjusted to the right size with 3D extremely comfy thick sootheez slippers WITHOUT stripes. This model is perfect but there are not the colors pink, orange and yellow since they’re sold out for that size. Would be nice to have those colors in stock for that model. Have got those for gifts to family and friends and they all agreed with me for that review. Please restock with those colors.

Monica Bodde

If I wear an 8.5 to 9 how do I choose my slippers? Do they run small or large?


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